Updated: July 2019

  1. Please check your tickets for accuracy before leaving the wagering counter
    • Tickets go as written and cannot be altered or voided once accepted by the player.
    • Once both parties accept a wager, it will not be altered or voided prior to the start of the event except at the discretion of the Delaware Lottery.
    • Computer generated point spreads/odds shall determine winners, losers, ties and payout odds.
    • Computer generated wagering tickets are official and may not always match propositions on the display boards located at the three video lottery agent’s Sportsbooks.
  2. Off the Board: For the currently offered odds or point spreads on a given event, please see the display boards posted at the three Casino Sportsbook. The display boards may not list the odds, point spreads or totals for certain events. If such information is not listed on the display boards, then review the betting sheets made available in the book area. If you cannot find the odds, point spreads or totals for a specific event, ask a terminal operator for further assistance.
  3. The Delaware Lottery reserves the right to accept or refuse any wager or delete or limit any selection(s) prior to the acceptance of any wager.
  4. All initial wagers must be parlays consisting of three or more selections (Super Teaser Card– four or more selections).
    • a. Winning Parlay card wagers – In the event that less than the required minimum number of selections remain on a wager, the wager will be refunded.
    • b. Winning Off the board parlay wagers - In the event that the wagered number of games/selections result in a wagering tie, game cancellation or the game is not played, winning wagers will be paid at the odds of the number of remaining wagers.
  5. The Delaware Lottery is not responsible for lost, stolen, altered or unreadable tickets. Lost, stolen, altered or unreadable tickets will not be reproduced/reprinted or paid.
  6. Tickets are void if mutilated, altered in anyway, illegible or incomplete.
  7. The Delaware Lottery reserves the right to determine the minimum and maximum wagers on all sporting events.
  8. Wagering tickets are void after one year from the date of the conclusion of the last event on the wager.
  9. Winning tickets may be mailed in for redemption. See reverse side of ticket for mail- in redemption instructions. The Delaware Lottery is not responsible for tickets not mailed pursuant to instructions on the reverse side of the ticket.
  10. A valid, physical game ticket must be presented for all prize claims. A valid ticket is an original ticket printed on authorized/official Delaware Lottery ticket stock. No reproductions or photos will be accepted.
  11. Delaware State Lottery is not responsible for paying winning tickets resulting from any system or terminal malfunction.
  12. The Delaware Lottery is not responsible for wagers not placed due to a system or terminal malfunction.
  13. All games must be played within seven (7) days of the originally scheduled date for action. All games are action regardless of site change.
  14. For betting purposes, unless stipulated otherwise on printed football parlay sheets, winners and losers are official after 55 minutes of play. The Delaware Lottery does not recognize defaults prior to the start of the event, suspended games, result changes, protests, or overturned decisions, etc., for wagering purposes.
  15. “Total wagers” results will be determined based on the final score of the game (including overtime).
  16. For halftime wagers, point spreads apply to the second half scoring alone. Halftime wagers also include any overtime periods that are played.
  17. Persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from wagering and collecting winning wagers.
  18. The Delaware Lottery reserves the right to add, delete, or change its Wagering Rules and/or payoff odds at any time.
  19. In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved at the Sports Lottery retailer location, a customer may submit a written appeal to the Delaware Lottery. The decision of the Delaware Lottery shall be final.
  20. Winning Football Parlay (min. 3 team) Sports Lottery tickets with a value of more than $600 must be cashed at Delaware Park, Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway & Casino or the Delaware Lottery office in Dover. Select Retailer locations are authorized to cash Football Parlay (min. 3 team) winning tickets up to $1,500 (excludes IRS wins). See the Sports Lottery webpage at
  21. No wagers are available for any Delaware based teams.
  22. Any matter not addressed by these rules, as well as the interpretation of these rules, is vested in the sole discretion of the Director of the Delaware Lottery.

The Delaware Sports Lottery is sponsored solely by the Delaware State Lottery and is not associated with or authorized by any professional or collegiate sports organization


(Off the board, excluding parlay/teaser cards, unless stipulated otherwise.) In the event of a wagering tie:

  • Parlay- Reduces to the next lowest number of games. If two teams remain, the payoff is 13 to 5. If one team remains, the payoff is 11 to 10.
  • Teaser - Reduces to the next lowest number of games, as long as that is more than one. In the event that two teams remain because of one or more ties, 6-point teasers pay 10 to 12, 6 ½-point teasers pay 10 to 13 and 7-point teasers pays 10 to 14. If, as a result of ties, there is only game left in a teaser, that bet is "No Action" and wagers will be refunded.
  • 10-Point Teaser - Ties Los

3 Teams pays 11 to 2
4 Teams pays 10 to 1
5 Teams pays 20 to 1
6 Teams pays 40 to 1
7 Teams pays 80 to 1
8 Teams pays 160 to 1

6 points 6 ½ points 7 points
3 Teams pays 8 to 5 7 to 5 6 to 5
4 Teams pays 11 to 5 2 to 1 9 to 5
5 Teams pays 4 to 1 7 to 2 3 to 1
6 Teams pays 6 to 1 5 to 1 9 to 2
7 Teams pays 8 to 1 7 to 1 8 to 1
8 Teams pays 10 to 1 9 to 1 8 to 1

10-Point Teaser
3 Teams pays 10 to 13 Ties Lose

14-Point Teaser
4 Teams pays 1 to 2 Ties Lose